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erstellt am 27.09.2017

Tokyo Motorshow 2017 markiert Meilenstein in Mitsubishis Unternehmensgeschichte

Welt-Premiere „Mitsubishi e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT“  

The 45th Tokyo Motor Show (27. Oct - 5.Nov 17) will be like no other before for Mitsubishi Motors – a true milestone event where the corporation will wave the flag under new circumstances to usher a new era of long term growth and sustainable development, returning to where it belongs to better embrace the future.

A beacon for this renewed ambition will be the world premiere of an all-new flagship concept car, the Mitsubishi e-EVOLUTION CONCEPT.

This very high performance automobile will blend Mitsubishi Motors’ signature 4WD and electric powertrain know-how with advanced Artificial Intelligence technology under a low slung aerodynamic SUV Coupe shape.