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Aeroflow Performance Engine Oil Filters

Aeroflow Oil Filters were originally designed for racers in such a way as to incorporate all the latest technology in order to provide fine filtration with minimal restriction so that the engine performs at its best with great protection.

Essex/Großbritannien (ikmedia). Aeroflow Oil Filters use a premium pleated synthetic blend media that provides increased filtration at high flow rates with minimal pressure drop.

A perforated centre tube allows for greater flow area and eliminates media wear during pleat movement.

The construction features an extra-thick backing plate and housing; these offer superior strength and pressure fatigue resistance that result in added protection against pressure surges in racing applications. In addition there is a hi-flow heavy duty base plate that features a fully tucked double seam.

Aeroflow filters use an improved coil spring design to replace the commonly used "leaf" style spring and incorporate CNC machined threads for a precise fit. An ultra-high temp silicone anti-drain back valve in some models helps prevent dry starts thereby increasing engine life.

Aeroflow oil filters use a Buna-N rubber gasket which is compatible with most racing fuels and lubricants. A 24mm - 15/16" hex release nut allows for simple and easy removal and the nut also incorporates a hole for use with a lock wire. 

Price: £10.79 inc. VAT

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